a Midwest
Brand, Web, & Product Designer
Taking on projects to enhance the ski industry and work for lift tickets.
*Snow conditions apply.
The Work
Projects & Explorations
Brand & Web Design
Elevating Smiles
Advanced Dentistry and aesthetics
Given the opportunity to enhance the brand for the Official Dentist of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team, this project delves into incorporating elements of Park City to a comprehensive redesign. It showcases the concepts, site mock-up and Figma files that contain the brand standards.
Product Feature
Automating Celebrations
Phillips Hue
Given that the holiday season is an ideal occasion for individuals to revel in the vibrant hues of their smart lights, scheduling holiday light colors in advance is a logical feature currently missing in the Hue app.
Web Design
Improving Therapy
Pitched visual system enhancements to stakeholders who were ghosted by a previous designer. Refined the website's visual system, enhanced page structures, and optimized the site for mobile.
Empowering Equestrians
Schneiders Saddlery
A comprehensive tool designed to fit all essential information for horse owners in their pocket. Although the prototype might not have secured immediate stakeholder investment, the concept promptly gained validation and found success within the industry.
Brand & Web Design
Supporting Student Success
Texas A&M University Division of Student Affairs
While Texas A&M University was rebranding, I was tasked with the challenge of refreshing a site for the Division of Student Affairs. The result? A site that moves everyone forward.
Community Share
Connecting Config
Figma // Config 2023
Created a user-friendly file connecting Config attendees digitally and in person. The file included 3 variations of designs as well as multiple sizes for social platforms.
Designer, Skier, Dream Chaser
Behind the goggles
Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design
Webflow Layouts 1 & 2 Certifications
Webflow Workshop 2023 In-Person Attendee
Webflow Conf 2022 & 2023 In-Person Attendee
Slack Basics, Etiquette & Productivity Certifications
Ski / Snowsports
Lifestyle Technology
15k Tough Mudder Finisher
10 Mile Mammoth March Finisher
5 Year Velosano Fundraiser
References & Reviews
What people are sayin'
Emily has been an absolute delight to work with. She brings her A-game to work with her every single day and is always willing to go above and beyond for everyone.
Sarah Maschoff
Director of Brand Marketing
Her efforts in creating a new brand identity is: assessing the target audience; the look and feel of the product; how it is conveyed through photography, font selection and color. The result? A very happy business owner…and a powerful identity.
Kristen Stuart
Graphic Designer
Emily is an excellent communicator and skilled creative professional, and would make a great addition to any team looking for a self starter with a passion for design.
Laura Root
Executive Director Of brand & Creative